What is WeWing?

WeWing Platform is building MaaS (Mobility as a Service) that leads personal mobility. Starting with the electric scooter service, WeWing is expanding its business areas to electric vehicle charging, call taxis, shared bicycles, and transportation services. By building the platform with our own IT solution, we were able to reduce costs by more than 15 - 20% compared to other competitors. As much as the cost is saved, we want to benefit more users and expand the ecosystem.

Electric Scooter Business

We predicted the revitalization of personal mobility from 2020 and participated in the business. Currently, 500 electric scooters are installed and operated in 55 locations, mainly in Busan, South Korea. In the second half of 2022, 500 units will be installed for the transit hub construction project in Busan City. In addition, We will expand our business by installing our electric scooter centered on the transit hub and major universities in major cities nationwide by the end of 2025 in South Korea.

Electric Charger Business

WeWing possesses member recognition and authentication technology through its tagless solution, automatic charging fee payment technology, and has secured a license for sequential charging patent rights. The core technology of the sequential charging (dispenser type) solution is that sequentially can charge multiple electric vehicles with one charger. Through this technology, We can save space for installing chargers, and reduce charging infrastructure construction and operating costs (communication costs, contract power costs, etc.).

In addition, we secured business rights for locations with high initial business potential by completing consultations on infrastructure construction with the Busan Regional Transport Association. By the end of 2022, we plan to build an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in 20 places, centering on bus depots and taxi depots, and open the service. It aims to expand the charger infrastructure to 100 major garages nationwide by 2025 and plans to actively participate in the charging roaming system in which existing operators participate

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