Payment Platform Business

WeWing has a Tagless Payment solution. In South Korea, iOS users can't pay via NFC, therefore, they have no choice but to use QR Code or Bar Code payments is lacking security and convenience. However, WeWing's technology supports Tagless Payment using BLE communication without tapping.

WeWing has its own mobile transportation card solution and technology, has been providing transportation card solutions in South Korea for several years, and commercialized the first iOS mobile transportation card technology in South Korea. WeWing will first apply the integrated payment platform to its own electric scooter, electric charger, and call taxi business, and then apply the integrated payment platform to partner companies' electric scooters, and electric vehicle charging stations, and delivery apps.

WeWing will provide a mobile transportation card service to reduce the contract and development performed by partners and to increase the platform loyalty of partners. In addition, we plan to provide services such as payment and point accumulation using Wings Token, and through this, we will receive an appropriate fee for using the integrated payment platform (2-3% of the payment amount) from our partners.

Wings Token

When a user uses an electric scooter through the WeWing Platform, 5~15% of the usage fee is accumulated as Wings Point. To use the Wings Point, the user exchanges them to Wings Token. Both the exchanged Wings Token and the Wings Token purchased through the token exchange can be conveniently paid for in all transactions offered by the Wings Platform.

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