Incentive for Holders

WeWing Platform?

The WeWing Platform is expected to expand into services such as electric vehicle charging, electric bicycles, taxi calls, and transportation services to enhance the convenience of users participating in the sharing economy service and generate revenue. In addition, we will secure many strategic partners to provide various services.

To grow the ecosystem, the WeWing Platform preserves a portion of the benefits provided by its affiliates with Wings Token and Wings Point. Through this, we create a virtuous cycle structure that leads to service expansion and user expansion, creating an ecosystem in which everyone grows together.

Wings Token?

When a user uses an electric scooter through WeWing Platform, 10% of the usage fee is accumulated as Wings Point which is pegging with Korean Won (KRW) in WeWing Platform. Users can swap between Wings Point and Wings Token on this platform.

What's the Incentive for Wings NFT Holders?

  1. Those who hold a certain number of NFTs can earn up to an additional 10% Wings Point when the user pays on Wings Platform.

  2. Those who hold a certain number of NFTs may receive a share of the WeWing Platform's revenue. This dividend will be received in Wings Token.

Dividend Income Method :

[(Dividend income = Dividend amount ÷ (Holding NFT ÷ Issuing NFT)]

How to get the Wings NFT?

  1. When you get the Wings Token at first, you can receive 1 Wings NFT for free.

  2. Invite your friends for 3 people to WeWing, then you can get 1 Wings NFT for free.

  3. If you pay 10 times with Wings Token for using the electric scooter, receive 1 Wings NFT for free.

  4. Also, you can purchase Wings NFT with Wings Token.

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